Mergers and Acquisitions



Most mergers and acquisitions do not perform as anticipated with many being a major error. SOS has available certified due diligence professional on staff. SOS has been involved in hundreds of businesses, and has the perspective of third party that has seen a lot of successes and failures in the merger and acquisition arena.

Mergers and Acquisitions Case Studies


There is Always a Strategic Buyer

SOS was hired to sell the assets of a failing business. The business was not profitable because the customers had left to do business with its. The company’s equipment and processes were antiquated and in great disrepair. The facility was leased and the building was severely abused and in need of substantial repairs. A lawsuit was pending by the landlord. SOS found a contractor who was in need itself of a product of the company, and who could make the needed repairs. SOS affected a sale of the business to the contractor, which led to the repair of the facility and improvement of operations resolving all problems. The new company had SOS help set up its operations. The company is now a well-performing, highly-profitable business. The owners recently contacted SOS to assist them with selling the current company.