Strategic Problem Solving



SOS strength is strategic problem solving. SOS brings decades of experience, widely diverse industry experience, and its own unique process, to assist in problem solving.


Strategic Problem Solving Case Studies

Money Alone Does Not Solve Problems

A well-known semi-conductor firm was having issues with premature failure of a certain part that was costing the firm tens of millions of dollars each year, and they needed a solution to get an edge in a competitive market. They had spent two years and millions of dollars trying to find a solution through research labs and universities. SOS approached the semi-conductor firm on behalf of a struggling client and proposed that the client be given an opportunity to solve the problem, and if the client was unsuccessful, there would be no charge. The semi-conductor firm agreed. SOS then assembled and managed a research team, which dug into the root cause of the failure. By taking a holistic view, the team was able to identify issues overlooked by other professional and collegiate efforts to solve the problem. The problem was multi-faceted and required a complex solution. SOS resolved it in two weeks. With the solution in hand, SOS negotiated a unique win-win relationship between the semi-conductor firm and its client.


Long-Term Partnership Value

SOS assisted a client to develop an solution for an industry. The solution was then patented. SOS then went to a prominent industry leader and proposed the industry leader be given the solution and resulting patent free of charge if SOS’ client could compete straight-up for the resulting business. It was a no-lose scenario for the industry leading firm. SOS then helped its client get operationally-capable and efficient to commercially manufacture the solution. The client ultimately became the primary supplier for the industry firm and made significantly more money than what it could have charged for the solution itself, the creation of a valued relationship almost always exceeds a 1 time fee.