Case Studies

Turnarounds and Restructurings

There are common business elements among all industries, and yet there are differences as well, even between businesses in the same industry. In the decades of turnarounds performed by personnel of SOS, every case has had its own unique situation and solution. SOS must also have available at its disposal a diverse set of business skills and tools to go along with the experience to apply them correctly and efficiently.

Following are some true-life case studies that demonstrate SOS’s strategic capabilities in action.


SOS often serves as a court-appointed Receiver. This is basically where a company or assets are turned over the State. The State court system then appoints a master to manage those assets for the benefit of the stakeholders. There are generally three types of Receiverships—General, Custodial, and Special. The General Receiver has broad general power to acquire title, operate a business, or dissolve a business. Custodial is assigned to simply take care of the assets entrusted to him or her. A Special Receiver most often simply oversees disbursements or manage an issue in dispute.

Bankruptcy Support

There are different types of bankruptcies. An ongoing business bankruptcy is called a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. A large percentage of small company Chapter 11’s fail. One major cause is that the cost and time impact of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be immense to a small or medium-sized company. Most often, it’s also a blindness by the owner or management team who serve as the debtor in possession. They do not know what he, she, or they do not know. They continue with an element of the organization below par, and often with an incomplete or flawed business strategy.


As a conservator, SOS manages the business affairs of individuals, estates, or entities, and many clients require SOS to wear multiple hats (such as when an incapacitated person also owns a business). A conservatorship arises when a concerned party petitions a court to request the appointment of a conservator. Once appointed, SOS steps in and assumes legal control of the client. SOS is a fiduciary for the client, and is, therefore, held to a higher standard of care to act in the client’s best interest, and is answerable to the court for the duration of the conservatorship.

Organizational Performance Metrics

Most organizations grow organically without stopping at key platforms and reconstructing the organization for operational and communication efficiency. Also, part of organizational efficiency and communication is visible metrics properly focused.


Strategic Problem Solving

SOS strength is strategic problem solving. SOS brings decades of experience, widely diverse industry experience, and its own unique process, to assist in problem solving.


Chief Reorganization Officer

SOS also has often served as a Chief Reorganization Officer. SOS also provides interim management team personnel. Often, an owner or management team of a distressed company makes the wise, yet often difficult, decision to hand over the keys and let SOS sort out the problems. This allows the owner or management team to focus on their skill sets, allowing SOS to develop and align a new strategy for all the stakeholders: the owners, management, employees, creditors, suppliers, professionals, and government entities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Most mergers and acquisitions do not perform as anticipated with many being a major error. SOS has available certified due diligence professional on staff. SOS has been involved in hundreds of businesses, and has the perspective of third party that has seen a lot of successes and failures in the merger and acquisition arena.


Other Case Studies

Strategic SOS Plans on posting more case studies here in the future. Come back soon to read more about our case studies!



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-Jack Canfield