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Experience In Business Consulting

  • If your company is struggling with internal or external challenges, SOS will help you evaluate your business strategy and operational elements, develop untapped resources and opportunities, and craft the best solution with which to move forward. We have successfully added value at all stages of the corporate lifecycle, up to and including bankruptcy. SOS takes control with an owner’s mindset until the desired results are achieved and then transfers control to a trained and proven management team.

  • SOS has a sterling record in securing win-win relationships in tough negotiations with suppliers, lenders, and partners. We negotiate agreements by focusing on long-term strategic results and relationships, not short-sightedness or emotion. We seek first to understand the needs of all stakeholders and then negotiate real solutions for moving forward.

  • If you have a difficult project or start-up, SOS will ensure that it is strategically-oriented, operationally-efficient, and holistically-executed with an eye toward the future. We can assist in starting a new business, managing a large project such as construction or litigation, developing a patent portfolio or reverse-engineering a patent, or improving your day-to-day operations to ensure that you are doing it better than your competitors.

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If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."

-Jack Canfield