Real Estate Representation - Commercial and Residential


Case Studies:

(If a case study echoes with your need, please call for details and other relevant references.)

SOS Case – Several Hundred Finished Lots Purchased in 2010 for Investor

During the economic downturn, SOS advised and assisted a client in acquiring several hundred building lots. The price was far lower than the costs of new lot construction without any value for the land. This support not only helped the developers at the time but also generated enormous profits for the client once the lots were sold a couple of years later.


SOS Case – Forty Farm Sales

SOS has assisted numerous farmers in obtaining ownership of the farmland they had been leasing. When the market turned around assisted those same farmers with selling their properties which resulting in considerable gains for the farmers. In total, SOS has sold over 40 farms.


SOS Case – Bigger is Often Better for a Small Budget

A small startup with limited capital was struggling to locate and qualify for a lease of a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. They did not have the funds for tenant improvements. SOS changed the game. SOS negotiated the purchase of a 20,000-square-foot warehouse utilizing an option. SOS then sold off excess property and utilized a seller carry note for the balance. The client has since paid off their seller carry note in full, owing the 20,000-square foot property free and clear. SOS assisted the client with leasing out the excess land and unutilized space.


SOS Case – Solution for Restaurant Failures

SOS was tasked with finding a lease tenant for a difficult restaurant location, where even low rent was not attracting potential tenants. SOS helped the landlord refurbish the building, replace equipment, and develop a complete, fully prepared restaurant. All basic tenant improvements and equipment were supplied. Those costs were then worked into a significantly higher lease rate. Tenants came out of the woodwork to lease the property in view of the low tenant move-in cost. The landlord was able to select from a set of tenants and now has a financially successful property. The additional investments are also being repaid in the lease rate. Moreover, a number of tenants are in line to take over the lease should the opportunity arise again. Further, SOS, on behalf of the landlord, set up the business structure of the tenant to match industry standards with a metrics designed to focus tenant management on key industry benchmarks. The restaurant is profitable and performing well. Developed a win-win situation for landlord and tenant.


SOS Case – Landlord EPA Issue

An SOS client was undergoing eviction from its lease due to non-payment and damage to the building. The tenant participated in the the leased property to become listed as a superfund site. SOS negotiated a lease payment moratorium to fund the company turnaround with the profits funding a subsequent cleanup plan. After gaining the support of government regulators (Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Environmental Quality), SOS drove the turnaround of the company and made the company extremely profitable. The company was then able to fund the overall cleanup and repair of the property and surround area and is now a textbook example of environmental responsibility.