Government Regulations


Case Studies:

(If a case study echoes with your need, please call for details and other relevant references.)

SOS Cases –Proactive Environmental Actions

SOS has had more than its share of environmental cases. The largest involved 1,700 dumpsters filled with used motor oil that was deemed a hazardous waste. These were scattered throughout the entire country, from Florida to California. It also involved a polluted site in Pennsylvania. SOS has assisted in getting explosive gases approved for a client, developed high-tech air-filter systems, sewer disposal of chemicals, explosive container rooms, cleanup of large areas of contaminated soils, pollution in the Boise river, OSHA conformance, etc. Government regulators appreciate professional knowledge and project management with honest open candor in communication. Thus fines are rare, almost non-existent given the proactive approach taken on getting a company into regulation conformance.


SOS Cases –Resolving IRS Issues

Proactive effort and communications always pay off. Identifying the tax issues, including 941 trust fund issues, and the amounts owed with candor and clarity is the first step. Thereafter, putting the payment into the appropriate process, gains substantial grace and assistance, often with substantial discounts if the situation warrants. SOS finds that IRS is not focused on putting companies out of business. They simply want the company to abide by the laws and the taxing processes. If unique circumstances arise that have prevented that, SOS has found IRS at its higher levels, have accepted compromised amounts, amounts for a fraction owed, based on the details of the circumstance. They also are willing to see those funds paid back in a reasonable cash flow structure.


SOS Cases –State and Local Regulators – Includes Incentives not just penalties

There are many economic incentives available to companies. Navigating the agencies, the process and the varying rules can be time consuming and complicated. At times the success at securing these funds is about presentation and who you know. SOS is seasoned assisting client through the process. SOS has also gained economic incentives for businesses based on hiring growth, equipment or facility improvements. In one case, SOS gained a $4 million-dollar economic incentive from combined State, County, and City entities for a growing manufacturing firm.


SOS Cases –Non-Profits: The Heart of America

There are a number of self-serving non-profits, and pseudo-religious trusts and foundations. SOS quickly notes where the funds go and what value is really gained by the Non-profits. SOS helps the non-profits set up metrics, that are real, not cannibalized from other’s efforts –or often simply made up. Though efficient processes, those metrics are then optimized, the communication based on reality, with the generally readily seen by the sponsors. SOS has assisted foundations identify the charities that manage donations efficiently. SOS has also assisted non-profits to invest excess capital while awaiting that capital’s engagement.

Home-Owners Associations are often non-profit and voluntary. Its amazing how many such associations get embroiled in conflict and litigation. SOS has been involved in creative as a third-party review of situations, and developing creative solutions that save cost, time, and relationships with neighbors.