Other Skills


Case Studies:

(If a case study echoes with your need, please call for details and other relevant references.)

SOS Cases –Quality Control and ISO Certification Process

Processes are established to gain represented product reliability—to eliminate deviation, waste, unnecessary costs, warranties, non-timely deliveries, scrap. There is an International Organization for Standardization. Companies that go through that process become “ISO Certified.” There are a number of different ISO standards designed for different industries. ISO certification may not be for everyone, but the concepts have application and value to every business. At its heart, it is a process communication tool. SOS has installed full ISO certification not only in the manufacturing world but was instrumental in bringing the first (and only as we know it) Casino into ISO certification. SOS can help you review your processes, plan and communicate the best practice to all within your company. This also opens the door to bigger and better customers who demand this management tool in its suppliers.


SOS Cases –Project Management

Every effort, order, etc. is a project that needs to be managed. However, as used here, a project is a unique and temporary function, not normally planned and executed by a company. These range over the entire gamete of human effort. They could be an ISO certification project noted above, software changes, new product development, research, legal cases (yes, lawyers, legal cases, and data need to be managed), building and remodel projects (yes, contractors and processes need to be managed), etc. Any unique project worth doing should be well planned and managed. Companies often use internal resources who more likely than not, do not have the specific knowledge, skills, tools, connections, techniques, or even time, to manage a unique one-off project. Thus the project’s outcome and cost are not optimized. There is also a latent impact elsewhere in the company due to this misfocus. Its amazing how short-sighted management is in assigning unique projects internally.

SOS engagements are all unique. Everyone one needs to be planned and executed from scratch. SOS personnel has been responsible for the planning and execution of 100’s of construction projects, numerous legal cases, software selection and installation, new product production mapping, etc. Every turnaround is a project, with everyone requiring different issues.


Equipment Master/Rate Recovery

Rare is the company that does not require some equipment. However as a company becomes more and more equipment intensive, it behooves the company to find the most cost-effective equipment, that gives the optimum performance, with the flexibility for a changing and growing business environment, that fit within the environment and facility. Likewise, recovering the costs of the equipment with replacement value is also crucial. SOS has developed equipment cost rates for a number of clients. In the construction field, SOS is well familiar with the Corp of Engineers methods, Associated General Contractors, State Blue Books, and other methods.


Site Maintenance Expert

Though not all need an asphalt maintenance expert, SOS has extensive experience on asphalt issues, concrete, building maintenance etc. From paving, sealcoating, concrete repairs, striping, lot sweeping, striping, crack repair, epoxy injection, demolition, etc. SOS has a 30-year history in road, parking lot, bridge, and building repairs.