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As a conservator, SOS manages the business affairs of individuals, estates, or entities, and many clients require SOS to wear multiple hats (such as when an incapacitated person also owns a business). A conservatorship arises when a concerned party petitions a court to request the appointment of a conservator. Once appointed, SOS steps in and assumes legal control of the client’s finances. SOS is a fiduciary for the client, and is, therefore, held to a higher standard of care to act in the client's best interest and is answerable to the court for the duration of the conservatorship. Although many people struggle with the idea of an outsider having control of their loved one's affairs, it has been our experience that situations where family members or friends serve as conservator are fraught with inter-family distress that often causes irreparable harm to the relationship. Although SOS will take on virtually any conservatorship to which it can add value, we seek the complex cases. SOS takes a very professional, yet sympathetic approach to conservatorships and takes great care to do what is best for the client. For general information on Guardianships and Conservatorships, see the literature published by the Idaho State Bar Section on Taxation, Probate & Trust Law: Guardianship & Conservatorship